Art & Graphics are combined in this website, as in my everyday life. Thanks for visiting.


Love at first touch! That is how I describe the ongoing dialogue I have with the wire mesh. It’s a dialogue that gives birth to reflections of my life, my desires, and myself. The cold, rough and scratchy mesh melts for me, as I shape the truth in the little details that touch the viewer’s heart.

Carving wood opened a joyful fantasy world, filled with details, mechanics and colors, that brings out the forever child in me. I hope to never grow up(: Enter the Gallery

Graphic DESIGN

Years of experience, and I’m still learning a new thing every day. As a freelance Graphic Designer I am well experienced in both print and digital design. I offer creative solutions for a variety of products including Web Design, UI/UX elements and BI dashboards, promotion materials such as brochures, catalogues, exhibitions and more. View some of my latest projects